Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Krysta and Andrew's Classic Wedding Part 3

If you thought Krysta and Andrew's ceremony was beautiful, just wait until you see these images from their Parisian inspired reception. Krysta and Andrew got engaged in Paris, and they both share a love of wine. This was infused throughout all the decor and design for the reception. From the table numbers (pictures they took in Paris) to the signature wine-a Vouvray that they had while in France and fell in love with..

Krysta has been collecting milk glass for over 10 years. For the centerpieces she had over 200 milk glass pieces filled with gorgeous flowers!

Not only was this one of the most beautifully designed weddings I've ever seen (which makes sense seeing as how Krysta is an interior designer) but it was also a GREAT party! Krysta and Andrew spent so much of the evening dancing well into the night with their friends and family. They had a blast, and are so thankful they didn't worry about trying to talk to every single person-they just enjoyed themselves!

Thank you, Krysta and Andrew, for sharing your amazing wedding with us!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Krysta and Andrew's Classic Wedding Part 2

Ok lovelies...are you ready for some incredible getting ready and ceremony details shots?

Below, you'll see an upclose shot of Krysta's flower belt that was made out of her Mother's wedding dress.
The Tulip House is the name of Krysta's childhood home where she has so many memories..she was thrilled to be able to get ready here for her wedding.
The swing has been in her family for decades...her Mother used to rock her in it when she was a baby!
Krysta gave Andrew a custom fly rod with the wedding date inscribed in the handle...

Here is a great shot of Krysta's Dad working on his speech.
I love that they incorporated Andrew's family plaid in the pocket squares.
Krysta's flowers were done by her very talented sister..this is her bouquet
Krysta was so inspired by Portia de Rossi's wedding hair, that she used it as her inspiration. She also used shoe clips as her hair clips!

Here you'll see closer shots of the precious flower girl and ring bearer and Krysta's lovely bridesmaids who all wore dresses in different shades of champagne. The bagpipes leading her down and back up the aisle was such an incredible touch-and so stunning in the gorgeous church where the ceremony took place. The flowers and Krysta's veil are some of my favorite details. I love that family was so involved, with her sister doing the flowers and the veil being her Mothers!

Coming up...the couples beautiful Parisian inspired reception!

-All images taken by the talented Melissa Louise


Krysta and Andrew's Classic Wedding

Krysta and Andrew's Minnesota wedding was one of the most creative, well planned and classically beautiful weddings I've ever seen. They are one of those couples that exudes unconditional love simply in the way they look at each other. Their wedding was full of intimate and personal details...more on the details in the next post--for now I wanted to give you a glimpse of the happy couple...

Krysta...simply gorgeous...

Andrew...the very dashing groom...
It was a windy day...and Krysta wore her Mother's veil-the belt they added to her Vera Wang gown was also made from her Mother's wedding dress...

Krysta and her sweet Dad getting ready to enter the ceremony...she was lead down the aisle to the sound of homage to their family's Scottish heritage...
Married! The look on both of their faces is absolutely CLASSIC!

An intimate moment before heading to the reception...beautiful...

Stay tuned for more from this breathtaking wedding!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Krysta and Andrew's Lovely Rehearsal Dinner

Hello lovely brides to be! If you remember the previous post, I introduced you all to Krysta who gave us some wonderful insight and tips for the big day. Today, I'm going to feature her gorgeous rehearsal dinner--prepare to fall in love with Krysta and Andrew...and plaid!!

They hired the fantastic Melissa Louise to shoot their rehearsal dinner and wedding day. They had already put a deposit down with another photographer, but didn't feel great about it. When they found Melissa, they knew they had to hire her-and I think they are so glad they did!

I mean, are they just the cutest things you've ever seen?

They chose this darling italian restaurant in St. Paul, Minnesota called Pazzaluna

The dinner was themed around Andrew's Scottish heritage and they included his family plaid everywhere they could - from the invites to their clothing to the decor and menus.

Love the place settings...
Don't you wish you had been invited to this lovely affair??

I love that Melissa caught this sweet moment between them. You can see how in love they are surrounded by their closest family and friends...

What a fantastic evening! Thanks for sharing, Krysta! I can't wait to feature her ceremony and reception here soon!

Happy Planning!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A letter to the bride to be...

A dear friend of mine just got married up in Minnesota.  I knew about quite a few of her plans, but I had no idea her wedding was going to be such a masterpiece!  I have asked her to write a "letter to brides" of sorts with advice that she learned from her own big day.  What she sent me is something I think all brides will find very informative!

Here's Krysta....
"Dear Bride-to-be,
Okay, so the wedding.  It was the best day of my life - no comparison.  I wish I could do it all over again, it was just so much fun!  The people there were humbling and I was so touched by how everyone rallied not only to help out the last few days, but really made our wedding special.  That was the best.
Get away to the pool with your girlfriends and gossip.  Its the last chance you have for sun before the big day - 1 week before was perfect for me.  I didn't look "tan" or too light.
The few days before were incredibly stressful and I definitely took on too much and too late.  I would encourage you to really stick to not doing anything the week before - that was my plan, but then we found our house....  There were little details that only I would notice that didnt come through, because we simply ran out of time.  But, really I could not have cared less by that point.
Wrapping presents for your bridal party - takes forever!!!  I would highly suggest pawning that off - my mom, aunt, and cousin did it and it took them about 3 hours with everyone!!
Have some quality time with your future husband before the wedding.  Andrew and I were so swamped with wedding and house business that we felt a little distant from eachother.  That added stress is sooo not necessary!
Once that Friday came (my bridal luncheon and rehearsal) I couldnt stop pinching myself.  It just seemed so crazy to actually be happening!  Take some time to love your moms and sisters and tell your girls how much they mean to you.  Its easy to get wrapped up, but I just kept trying to remember to say please and thankyou - they were all so incredibly wonderful..
Get your nails done with the girls - its the only time you cant get wrapped up because you are tied to a chair!  I did this Friday with all the girls right after the luncheon so we were all toghether.
SLEEP!!!!  I was short on sleep and I regret that!  Take Tylenol PM, whatever!
Look at your rehearsal dinner as an opportunity to say everything you usually wouldn't to the ones you love.  I have been to too many where its all about the bride and groom - thats unfortunate.  It is about those who know you and love you most that have brought you together.  Tell them every gushy thing you always wanted to - they have to listen and they will be touched.  
Thank your parents - I told my parents that loving each other is the best lesson they ever taught me; that I learned from the most in-love couple what it means to truly find a soul mate.
Take a deep breath and some solitude when you wake up.  I slept alone at my parents house and it was perfect.  No one was there to stress me out when I woke up.  I just layed there and thought about what was about to happen.
Give yourself plenty of time but also, you dont need to get ready first.  Make sure your girls are up earlier than you - they should be getting ready well before you are so they can help and not be fussing over themselves.
Hire a makeup and hair person - no question.  The stress factor for doing your own - not worth it.  It was so relaxing to be pampered!!!
Have a toast - its your day and make sure to say cheers often.
Dont see your bouquets until you are all done up.  They were such a fun suprise to see - and they were more beautiful than I could have imagined.  Seeing them made for some great photos as well.  It was a lovely little dose of suprise.
EAT - enough said.
Deep breath before walking down the aisle, take it in.  Its about to happen and its okay to cry.  I did.
Keep your eyes on him the whole way down - it will keep you calm.  
Kiss your dad, its the last time his little girl is completely his.
Relish your ceremony - it is so different when its actually yours!  Every word is important. Every reading has meaning.  It is beautiful and somewhat euphoric.  It is heavenly.
Whisk away after the ceremony for some alone time.  Kiss kiss kiss.
Get all of your checks handed out way before - I was handing them out when I should have been kissing!  The church lady was on me like white on rice.
Have some time to see the reception before anyone else does.  You have worked so hard and you should get the glory first.  I took some time to finesse of course - its in my genes.  I was tweaking arrangements with a corona in a white dress.  Would not have wanted it any other way though - I am a perfectionist....
Photos are important but having fun with your bridal party is more important.  Sure, I was probably missing the artsy group shots, but I was too busy having drinks and hearing toasts with my little party away from everyone else.  I couldn't care less that I dont have the cool art shot - I will remember those toasts far longer.
We did our first dance right after we were announced and I loved it - got it out of the way.
First..Forget what everyone thinks you should be doing/ what feels natural and right.  I did not leave the dance floor and I loved it.  I partied so hard - was sweating through my dress.  I am sure people thought I should have gone around and said hello yada yada.  But I stayed on the dance floor with all of my friends and boogied with my husband.  I think people found it refreshing to see a bride and groom acutally being themselves at a wedding.  And it rubbed off.  The dance floor was packed the entire night and even for the last dance - there were tons of people there.  There was one point that I looked out and not a soul was to be seen - every single person was rocking out with us.  Pure bliss.  
Secondly..give a speech.  It doesnt have to be long or planned, ours certainly wasnt.  But we spoke from our hearts and thanked profusely and even called out certain family members and friends.  I am so proud to have done that - it shows we are human in the midst of the production.  People of course raved about the decor, the food, the dress, etc...but at the end of the day, it was our hearts that were so full and I forgot about the planning and remembered it was about those people who brought us together."

There you go, ladies!  Isn't Krysta just lovely?  I cannot wait to feature her wedding here-so stay tuned for lots of pictures, details and more advice from the beautiful bride herself!

Happy Planning!

Friday, August 14, 2009

A gorgeous UGA wedding

Some of our favorite photographers here in Atlanta are the VERY talented folks over at Our Labor of Love.  David and Kendrick  shot this unbelievable wedding up at UGA.   I am always amazed at the shots this duo can get-and the love that always shines through their images.  They have a serious gift...check these out!
Pool table awesomeness!

Such a fantastic shot of the entire wedding party

Oh.  My.  Gosh--how cute is the brides getaway outfit?!  She looks so classy and darling! 

If you're looking for some amazingly talented folks to photograph your wedding, you cannot go wrong with these guys.  Check out their blogs here and here

EDIT: The lovely bride, Tabitha, emailed me to let me know that the wedding took place in Gainesville, Georgia--their engagement session was at UGA, not this wedding.  Thanks Tabitha!!  We love your wedding!


Friday, July 24, 2009

Honeymoon Dresses

Happy Friday!  I spent this lovely day today at the Atlanta Apparel Mart and man, was it a great day.  I picked up lots of jewelry and saw so many cute purses and dresses.  Seeing so many summer dresses that would be perfect for honeymoon wear inspired me to search for some dress ideas for you lovely brides out there.  

Check these out:

From seller: Stephanie Teague
From seller: Thimble and Acorn

From J Crew

My favorite one: from Anthropologie 
Aren't those just the cutest dresses to spend your first few days as a married woman in?

Happy Planning!