Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Krysta and Andrew's Classic Wedding Part 3

If you thought Krysta and Andrew's ceremony was beautiful, just wait until you see these images from their Parisian inspired reception. Krysta and Andrew got engaged in Paris, and they both share a love of wine. This was infused throughout all the decor and design for the reception. From the table numbers (pictures they took in Paris) to the signature wine-a Vouvray that they had while in France and fell in love with..

Krysta has been collecting milk glass for over 10 years. For the centerpieces she had over 200 milk glass pieces filled with gorgeous flowers!

Not only was this one of the most beautifully designed weddings I've ever seen (which makes sense seeing as how Krysta is an interior designer) but it was also a GREAT party! Krysta and Andrew spent so much of the evening dancing well into the night with their friends and family. They had a blast, and are so thankful they didn't worry about trying to talk to every single person-they just enjoyed themselves!

Thank you, Krysta and Andrew, for sharing your amazing wedding with us!


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