Friday, July 24, 2009

Honeymoon Dresses

Happy Friday!  I spent this lovely day today at the Atlanta Apparel Mart and man, was it a great day.  I picked up lots of jewelry and saw so many cute purses and dresses.  Seeing so many summer dresses that would be perfect for honeymoon wear inspired me to search for some dress ideas for you lovely brides out there.  

Check these out:

From seller: Stephanie Teague
From seller: Thimble and Acorn

From J Crew

My favorite one: from Anthropologie 
Aren't those just the cutest dresses to spend your first few days as a married woman in?

Happy Planning!


Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

super! fantastic dresses i adore them!

Silvia ****

Tim and Jennifer said...

I LOVE those dresses, they are perfect! You gotta have some follow up dresses you are in love with after being in a wedding gown on your big day! SO fun, i want them :)

Jenny.Lee said...

the last one from anthro is my fav!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Cute finds!

Future Mrs. H said...

Hey there!! I am a bride-to-be in Atlanta and I just stumbled upon your blog =0) Thanks for sharing these dresses with us! I LOVE the JCrew teired dress and am thinking I just might have to purchase it for my honeymoon in Oct.

Check out my blog!!

Dina said...

These are great dresses! playful and cheerful!