Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Krysta and Andrew's Classic Wedding Part 2

Ok lovelies...are you ready for some incredible getting ready and ceremony details shots?

Below, you'll see an upclose shot of Krysta's flower belt that was made out of her Mother's wedding dress.
The Tulip House is the name of Krysta's childhood home where she has so many memories..she was thrilled to be able to get ready here for her wedding.
The swing has been in her family for decades...her Mother used to rock her in it when she was a baby!
Krysta gave Andrew a custom fly rod with the wedding date inscribed in the handle...

Here is a great shot of Krysta's Dad working on his speech.
I love that they incorporated Andrew's family plaid in the pocket squares.
Krysta's flowers were done by her very talented sister..this is her bouquet
Krysta was so inspired by Portia de Rossi's wedding hair, that she used it as her inspiration. She also used shoe clips as her hair clips!

Here you'll see closer shots of the precious flower girl and ring bearer and Krysta's lovely bridesmaids who all wore dresses in different shades of champagne. The bagpipes leading her down and back up the aisle was such an incredible touch-and so stunning in the gorgeous church where the ceremony took place. The flowers and Krysta's veil are some of my favorite details. I love that family was so involved, with her sister doing the flowers and the veil being her Mothers!

Coming up...the couples beautiful Parisian inspired reception!

-All images taken by the talented Melissa Louise


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Wenni Donna said...

I am so thankful to you for sharing these photographs from Krysta and Andrew's Classic Wedding. These pictures are saying a lot about their fun ceremony. I also would be marrying in February 2018 and have just booked the prettiest outdoor New York Event Venues.